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Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Our new travel agent package for 2013 is probably the best package available in the market place and we consider this to be an extremely powerful tool to give you maximum opportunity to earn a great income from day 1.

Packed with the most up to date technology we will supply you with your very own General Travel Website where your clients can search and book their travel from 1000's and 1000's of great holiday deals.

We will also create 2 bespoke Niche market (specialist websites) based on your requirements. You may have a passion for a particular destination or perhaps a genre of travel like Driving, Skiing, Scuba Diving or adventure holidays. Dont worry, you do not need any web building skills as our in house IT department will work with you to ensure your website delivers your products.

Have a look at some recent example of specialist websites:-

  1. Kuramathi Island Maldives
  2. Thailand Tours
  3. French Golfing Holidays

We will show you how to market your business through Friends, Family and your close network. We will also show you how to attract new customers with effective online marketing strategies that are guaranteed to generate holiday enquiries. And dont forget the power of Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and blogging.

Maldives Beach

The world awaits and you can pretty much sell anything and everything that the world of travel has to offer. Whether its a hotel in Las Vegas, an escorted Tour around China or maybe a Luxury Worldwide Cruise there are no ends to what you can promote and sell.

With access to over 500 trade suppliers you have the world at your feet.

We are all about keeping overheads low (You need an internet connection and a phone line) but also paying one of the best commission splits in the industry. These two factors add up to a profitable business model and one of which we are extremely proud to offer during 8 years of franchising.

And dont forget, this is your business and can be operated around current commitments whether that be the children or other work schedules. As we say, "Your Life, Your Business"

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